"Zack makes learning meaningful and relevant for his students"

Zack Prout, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Upper Arlington City Schools


The following was shared by Upper Arlington City Schools in selecting Zack Prout as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Zack Prout was the 2014 Upper Arlington Teacher of the Year. He explained, “My greatest accomplishment can be seen when students from years past come back and thank me for being their teacher.”

Zack makes learning experiences meaningful and relevant for his students. Last year, his classes developed creative writing skills by identifying writing techniques used in a novel, modeling those techniques, and then applying them in their own writing through the creation of original stories. He arranged for the book’s author to visit and provide feedback on student stories. 

Zack has expanded and diversified his role as a teacher and leader in the building as a co-department chair, service-learning coordinator, and leader in his PLC, among other responsibilities. However, Zack says, “The most consistent—and most important—leadership role I take on is modeling the student learning process to my students by being a facilitator, learner, and listener in the classroom, constantly differentiating and attacking problems alongside my students in a workshop, project-based learning environment in which I encourage risk taking toward problem solving.”

Zack believes in the importance of investing deeply in each student. “The reward comes in seeing my students thinking, questioning, collaborating, creating, laughing, and serving,” he explains. “The reward comes in developing a long-lasting friendship and mentorship role that can last for years after they leave my classroom.”