The following testimonial was shared by Deer Park Community City Schools in selecting Tim Hubbard as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

To best describe Tim Hubbard, he is the "full package." Mr. Hubbard reaches all of his students on a personal level, encourages each and every student to reach their fullest potential, takes on numerous leadership responsibilities within the building, promotes a positive culture within the school, and is passionate about his content and the courses he teaches. 

Mr. Hubbard began a recycling program at the school on his own accord. He also facilitates a service-learning course for upperclassmen. He teaches students what it means to serve and give back. Students thoroughly enjoy the class, and many take it two years in a row. Mr. Hubbard continually seeks ways to improve the learning experience for all students. Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School would be a different place without Mr. Hubbard, and the students and parents are fortunate to have him working with our students.