This testimonial was shared by Thom Griffith about his dad, Tom Griffith, a science teacher at Wickliffe City Schools. 

There is no way I can ever fully explain how this teacher has impacted my life because he is still impacting it to this very day. What I can do briefly is try to describe the feeling of pride I have for my dad. 

I am the father of a beautiful, healthy young lady named Nora. Nora attends day care during the day while her mother, Julie, and I work. I typically do drop-off duty in the mornings while my wife does pick-up from day care. 

For those of you who have kids or have worked with small children, you know the emotional/behavioral differences a toddler has at drop-off compared to pick-up. Once in a while, I get to go pick-up Nora from school. And the feeling I get when my daughter looks up from whatever activity she is engaged with and sees me in the window is one I never experienced before and one I never ever want to is the feeling of incredible joy one feels when their child is proud that you are their parent. The saying "That's my daddy!" is like magic.

It is with great pride and gratitude that I say "That's my Dad!" while pointing to my father, Tom Griffith, Wickliffe High School science teacher for over twenty years.