The following testimonial was shared by Tri-Valley Local Schools in selecting Tami George as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

When I think about a distinguished teacher, I think of someone who truly loves what they do. I don't need to hear Tami George say she loves teaching, she tells me that everyday in her actions. Tami is a planner and has everything organized weeks and months in advance. Tami is that teacher that thinks about her job; probably more than she should. She not only wants every child to succeed, but she devises plans to make that happen. She takes each student as an individual and makes certain that they grow in some way throughout the school year. She isn't only worried about their academics, she is worried about their physical, social, and emotional needs as well. Tami is the complete teacher and Tri-Valley HS is lucky to have her as part of our staff.