The following testimonial was shared by Wadsworth City Schools in selecting Stephine Schmeltzer as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Stephine Schmeltzer is a consummate professional. She seeks instruction and resources that maximize her students' learning and graciously shares what she has learned and developed with colleagues across the district. Stephine is extremely knowledgeable about instruction in the English Language Arts and strives for excellence daily in her classroom. She serves as the chair for her building RTI team and has often taken on leadership at the district level in RTI. She seeks professional development that furthers her own knowledge and skills. Her classroom is warm and inviting, and it is obvious that her students enjoy being there. 

Stephine IS the Wadsworth City Schools—a proud member of our community and regular supporter of community events. Stephine loves what she does daily, and it is a joy to work with Stephine on any project—she always produces outstanding work. Our elementary teachers are often the unsung heroes of our district. Recognizing Stephine for her efforts would be recognizing an outstanding educator and truly an instructional hero.