"Stefanie is a true professional"

Stefanie Lyons, High School English Language Arts Teacher, Plain Local Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Plain Local Schools in selecting Stefanie Lyons as a 2015 Distinguished Educator. 

Stefanie Lyons is a true professional. Not only does she impact student learning positively in the classroom, but she also encourages her colleagues to be innovative and engaging. 

Stefanie runs a technology "Boot Camp" as a summer professional development program for the teaching staff of Plain Local. She focuses on each staff member's level of understanding of technology and grows them throughout the course, which in turn, engages students in the classroom. She also serves as a support to staff as our Peer Consultant Coordinator. She can address staffing needs in a non-threatening manner which impacts positively the teaching skills and learning environment for our students. 

Stefanie is highly regarded by both our teaching staff and students.