“Shelly has quickly become a pillar in our learning community.”

Shelly Marcum, English Language Arts Teacher, Grades 1-3, Foxfire Schools

The following story was shared by Foxfire Community Schools in selecting Shelly Marcum as a 2017 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Shelly has been an asset to our teaching staff. In her short time with us, she has quickly become a pillar in our learning community, taking on a leadership role within the elementary team and providing them with resources as needed. 

Shelly is also a mentor teacher, sits on the district leadership team, and on the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC). She is always willing to return from professional development and teach the rest of the team about the information that she has received. 

Shelly uses best practices in her classroom that are effective and data driven. Third grade test scores have improved since she has taken on English Language Arts. She also works as an intervention specialist and writes impeccable paperwork that is data driven with plenty of evidence. 

She is very reliable and focused on the school’s mission and vision.