Teachers Are Teachers Because They Love Kids

For Columbus Window Cleaning president, Lynn Elliott, teaching has always been a big part of her life. Elliott taught for many years in Upper Arlington, and credits those years of teaching as well as learning from her own teachers and colleagues to her company’s success. “Teachers have to be very organized, and so do business owners. I still think like a teacher, and that’s a good thing.”

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There Is No One More Impactful

Tressel’s appreciation for educators is apparent. “I think that the two greatest servants in one’s life are their parents and their teachers–and I’d also like to add their coaches. Parents become parents because they want to raise or serve their family. Teachers become teachers because they want to spend their lives serving young people. I don’t know if anyone else has made that decision to serve you. To me, there is no one more impactful.”

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SWACO Partners With Teachers On Environmental Education

“I am inspired by the teachers who work with the 5,000 students who annually tour the landfill. They are on the front lines of environmental education, and it’s important that SWACO partners with them,” said Kristi Higginbotham, SWACO’s Outreach and Programs Manager. “It’s about informing the students, and these teachers make that happen.”

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My Dad Would Find A Way To “Reach And Teach Them All”

Kurt W. Hoeft, Partner, EasyIT

My father, Bill Hoeft, was a teacher in Cincinnati schools for 30 years and has taught trade and life skills to hundreds of kids. As a vocational teacher, he did not have a stereotypical teaching career. His program was oftentimes viewed as a “last chance” for kids with nowhere else to turn due to delinquency, handicap or background. Yet, he would find a way to reach and teach them all. When his program lacked funding, Bill would solicit local business for support and supplies. When his students graduated he worked hard to place every student in a permanent position; even going as far as to fight intolerant trade unions on behalf of female and minority students. As a child, I remember his adult students driving to our house, sitting on our front porch and thanking Bill Hoeft for changing their lives. He really did make a difference.

Mr. Mack Made Every Student “Feel Like A Treasured Contributor To The Class”

When I think of inspiring teachers, I think of Scott Mack, my 11th grade World History teacher at Herndon High School in Herndon, Virginia. Mr. Mack packed the World’s history and religion into one yearlong combo class with English, and somehow made it feel like a breeze. Despite the depth and breadth of curriculum to master, class never felt rushed or boring. 

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