The following testimonial was shared by East Muskingum Local Schools in selecting Sabrina Bachmann as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Sabrina Bachmann has been teaching French for the past four years. In that relatively short period of time, she has taken a low student interest in learning French to a full four-year program. This past summer, she organized a group of about 20 students to take an international trip to Europe. She has also recently agreed to become the faculty advisor for the National Honor Society. 

In her classroom, Ms. Bachmann has created and maintained a high level of rigor, relevance, and relationships. Her classroom environment consistently displays a passion for learning among her students. Sabrina has established a deservedly high level of respect from her students, teaching colleagues, parents, and community members. She displays a tremendous interest in all aspects of our students that is above and beyond. 

French had become a subject that many students at John Glenn High School felt was irrelevant. She has successfully established a strong interest in her program. It is difficult to capture in words the characteristics that make her such an effective teacher. She simply has the 'It' factor that students find attractive and genuinely feel that she cares for them deeply as individuals. Sabrina recently drove to Columbus to support the grieving family of one of her former students who had developed a serious, sudden fatal illness. Sabrina contains all of the ingredients of a Distinguished Educator and displays them each and every day to our students, faculty, and staff.