“Ronnda has helped to grow student's interest and motivation in the STEM fields.”

Ronnda Cargile, STEM Director, Grades 7-12, Cincinnati Public Schools

The following story was shared by Cincinnati Public Schools in selecting Ronnda Cargile as a 2017 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Ronnda has a love of learning, especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). She instills her love of learning in not just the students at Hughes STEM High School, but she ensures that the teachers have the deep pedagogy, skills, and supports to deliver the best STEM educational experience to all learners. 

Ms. Cargile has taught hundreds of students, and she has cultivated their interest in STEM by making sure that programs and major STEM events are made available to them. These activities include: science fair, STEM showcase events, and the What's So Cool About Manufacturing contest. Through the big demonstration projects , Ronnda has helped to grow student's interest and motivation in the STEM fields. 

Ms. Cargile has been an incredible advocate for students, and her energy and expertise were invaluable in development of the UC Scholars program. The UC Scholars program is a collaborative between Hughes and the University of Cincinnati, designed to better prepare students for the challenges of college life. Additionally, Ms. Cargile has helped in getting several college-readiness programs off the ground, including: ACT prep, OGT prep, and other literacy focused programming. Because of Ms.Cargile's leadership in these areas, students have been able to succeed academically and the growth is evident in a two-point rise in ACT scores for students in 2016 versus the 2015 administration of the test. We have also seen a significant rise in basic literacy since Ronnda and her team of coaches at Hughes have begun their work with students and with teachers. In January.2017, there was a marked nine percent growth shown in one month of work on the new literacy program that she helped to implement and support.