“Rebecca is a strong instructional leader and collaborates with staff on best practices to enhance all of our learners.”

Rebecca Forse, Elementary ELL Teacher, Princeton City Schools

The following story was shared by Princeton City Schools in selecting Rebecca Forse as a 2017 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Rebecca is an excellent teacher for English learners, who goes the extra mile to take care of her students. She is extremely kind and patient and always finds the opportunity to listen to her students. She puts a great deal of effort towards her lesson planning and ensures high expectations for all her students. She is always willing to help other staff members with anything and goes above and beyond. 

Rebecca has great ideas on how to help our struggling students. For example, she made it possible for students to call her in the evening and read a passage on her voicemail to help them with fluency. She sends daily home-school connections to help her students and families while they are at home to improve their reading and language. 

Rebecca is an excellent problem solver. She thinks outside the box and comes up with great solutions to make a positive difference. Recently, she came up with a great idea to integrate technology into our dismissal process. Now, our car riders are dismissed much quicker. 

Our school is very fortunate to work with Rebecca, who is dedicated and sincere to all of our students, parents, and to our community. She is a strong instructional leader and collaborates with staff on best practices to enhance all of our learners. She is also an active member of the District Leadership Team. She develops new ways to approach learning with her students and shares her ideas with her colleagues. She is a true asset to her school and district. 

Rebecca is chair of the Princeton Solutions Team, our professional learning communities that work to systematically support the whole child with instruction, social and emotional learning, parent involvement, attendance, and community supports. She has done an excellent job keeping our teams moving in a positive direction while making planning productive and enhancing these areas at our school. 

It is without a doubt Rebecca has care and passion for our students, school, and community and shows this in every aspect of her day.