Patricia Cash (Isaacson), Senior Vice President, Client and Community Relations Director, PNC

Growing up, I always struggled with reading. Whether at home or at school, I had very little interest in becoming a reader. My parents and teachers tried tutoring, summer school, and finally came to the conclusion that I must be learning disabled in some way.

It wasn’t until I was in 9th grade that I met Mrs. Lillian Faber. It was 1964 and I had recently started high school at New Trier High in Winnetka, Illinois. A project sent me into the school library, which turned into a life altering visit.

Mrs. Faber showed me the stacks of books for teenage girls. Her encouragement led me to read a Victoria Holt book I remember to this day: Mistress of Mellyn. Immediately, I was hooked. Mrs. Faber pushed me to explore other authors and other genres. I quickly became a “library geek,” even spending my summer working in the stacks.

I’ve been a voracious reader ever since, with obvious, multiple benefits. I am so grateful to Mrs. Faber and for the opportunity to share this story. She truly changed my life forever.