The following testimonial was shared by Fort Frye Local Schools in selecting Pamela Bostic as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Pam Bostic is a very dedicated and committed kindergarten teacher at Lowell Elemenatry. Every year, she mentors beginning teachers by sharing her expertise and love for the profession. Mentoring requires weekly meetings between Pam and the individual teachers. Mrs. Bostic has also taken the lead this year for the district Parent Teacher Partnership. Therefore, she facilitates and holds meetings for the entire district. She is working with this team to address how we can constantly improve two-way communication to help students achieve more and become successful adults. 

As a veteran teacher, Pam has wonderful communication and creates a very positive learning environment. Pam works well with her colleagues on the building leadership team and teacher-based teams as well. She strives to always improve. Upon entering Mrs. Bostic's classroom, you will see hands-on learning along with multiple centers taking place at one time. Pam strives to help each child succeed and truly feel loved. In closing, Mrs. Bostic is an educator worth celebrating.