"Nicole continuously seeks ways to change her instruction to improve student learning"

Nicole Rodgers, 1st Grade Teacher, Belpre City Schools

The following testimonial was shared by Belpre City Schools in selecting Nicole Rodgers as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Nicole Rodgers has honed her teaching craft so well that her students follow procedures in their sleep.  Don’t get the wrong idea though; there is still a lot of fun that occurs in her classroom. They dance their way through phonics, create computer slide-shows when they write a classroom story, and let many things “mold” in their quest for science skills. Some professionals would relax in this state and become “comfortable.”  Nicole continuously seeks ways to change her instruction to improve student learning.  

Nicole’s data shows that she has subtantially increased student growth in language arts.  In math, her data is phenomenal, with zero percent of students needing intervention. This is due to Nicole’s constant assessment and intervention on each skill. 

Nicole not only challenges and encourages her students, she also serves as the team leader for first grade. Each team leader was challenged to help their team members use their strengths to make the team stronger and improve student learning. The first grade team has grown and developed with this focus throughout the school year under the guidance of Mrs. Rodgers. Each week, she guides them through the use of data to pinpoint students who are not gaining skills, review interventions used to reach these students, and to re-group once students are ready to move on. She is strong and efficient as she guides the discussion and team decisions.  

Nicole is well-respected and acknowledged each year by the parents and community members who serve in our building. She engages families to help with classroom activities, tutor students, and practice daily skills that some students do not have opportunity to practice outside of school.  She also works 8-9 weeks in the summer season to teach phonics to those students who need extra help before moving on to the next grade. 
Nicole has shown amazing growth over the past few years. She was a good educator who achieved results with students. Now, she is truly a “distinguished educator” who challenges students, leads a team, and support families.