The following testimonial was shared by Madison-Plains Local Schools in selecting Morgan Gaus as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Morgan Gaus goes above and beyond to ensure that all are welcomed into her room and that each individual feels cared for on a daily basis. She constantly takes the time to learn more about each student both inside and outside of the classroom. She reaches out to the parents of the students she serves and encourages them to be a part of each child's learning. 

Ms. Gaus is very involved in multiple district-level committees, where she actively participates, questions, and tries to help move the district towards it's common goals. She is seen as a building leader by her colleagues and works to encourage others to be a member of the school team focusing on creating a safe learning environment for all students. 

Ms. Gaus also coaches students in volleyball, basketball, and Spelling Bee. She understands the importance of academics and athletics working together to create opportunities for every student to succeed to his or her highest potential. She helps to provide opportunities for students to make connections to personal strengths and interests. Madison-Plains is honored to have Morgan Gaus as a member of its school community.