The following testimonial was shared by Sciotoville Elementary Academy in selecting Michelle Kurtz as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Michelle Kurtz is truly deserving of this recognition! She is a blessing to her students, families, school, and community in which she devotedly serves. Our school is primarily economically disadvantaged, but she does not allow that identification to be the determining factor for her students' academic success or their belief in themselves. She inspires the students to develop a love for learning and drives their passion through the integration of science experiments, creativity, project-based learning activities, and integration of technology. Michelle provides a supportive classroom culture which enables the students to feel loved and safe while keeping high expectations with regard to academic content. 

Michelle has been known to hand-make each and every student Christmas gifts as well as remember their birthdays with acts of kindness and love, making each student feel special. These demonstrations of her dedication create a sense of family that many of our students simply do not have and so desperately need. Teaching is her calling! Michelle Kurtz is a distinguished educator because above all else she puts kids first!