Matt Finkes, Linebacker (1993-1996), The Ohio State University

Matt Finkes, former Ohio State University football player, calls his high school English teacher, Peg Bundschuh, one of his most memorable teachers. “You could tell that she really wanted to connect with and understand her students.”

Finkes was a star football player and a star student at Piqua High School, and Ms. Bundschuh contributed to his success. “She took a lot of time with her students. She had a separate study group for us and she took a personal interest in me.” Finkes elaborated, “She was able to help kids that weren’t as adept at learning. She took extra time to focus on those kids through all of her classes. Each student really mattered to her, and that’s why kids felt so comfortable coming to her when they had a problem.” 

Finkes’ father was the principal at his high school, and his mother was a teacher, so teachers were always very important in his family. “I had a lot of good teachers, but Ms. Bundschuh just made a real impression on me. I remember when she would have students over to her house and would make dinner for everyone. She was just so involved in everything we did and that made us feel important.”