Lynn Elliott, President of Columbus Window Cleaning and a former teacher

For Columbus Window Cleaning president, Lynn Elliott, teaching has always been a big part of her life. Elliott taught for many years in Upper Arlington, and credits those years of teaching as well as learning from her own teachers and colleagues to her company’s success. “Teachers have to be very organized, and so do business owners. I still think like a teacher, and that’s a good thing.”

The teachers in Lynn’s life range from her own K-12 teachers, her coworkers while she taught, and her friends that are educators. “The teacher who had the biggest impact on my life was Joe Quaranta. He was my mentor and colleague. I remember when I asked Joe for advice, he would talk to me like I was the most important person in the room. I used that model in my own teaching, and now as a business owner.” The teachers that Elliott remembers the most are the ones that took time to understand and get to know her as a student, colleague, and individual. 
“My teacher colleagues planned with a passion. For example, Dr. Betty Melragon had great vision and could tie innovation to practical applications in the classroom. Teachers have to balance all of that to be successful,” Elliott says. 


Elliott continues to teach, but now to her employees. In 2007, she began holding monthly safety trainings and meetings for all of her employees. “Not only is it a chance to get together and learn safety for our company, it’s also a chance to teach one another and learn from each other,” said Elliott. “It was a very teacher-like thing to do and it’s proven to be a very positive thing.”  

“Teachers are teachers because they love kids.” Lynn explains. “Not only are teachers educating children in specific subjects, they are also helping them navigate through life. As a business owner, I bring that same passion to my company and colleagues. We have to continually learn and grow, individually and together, to serve our customers. I am grateful for the many ways teachers and teaching have impacted my company and life.”