"Linda relentlessly seeks ideas to reach her students and excite them about learning"

Dr. Linda Londner, 5th Grade Science Teacher, Forest Hills Local Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Forest Hills Local Schools in selecting Dr. Linda Londner as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Dr. Linda Londner has worn many hats while serving the students of the Forest Hills School District for many years. She has taught third, fourth, and fifth grade and spent time as Gifted Coordinator for the district. Teaching and learning are her passions.

Despite having an advanced degree, Linda’s need to learn is insatiable. She studies both her content and her students, relentlessly seeking ideas/methods to reach her students and excite them about learning. Linda spends hours researching on the internet for ideas, videos, demonstrations, and experiments. The students are motivated and encouraged by her love of learning.

Linda’s passion spills over into the classroom as she performs her magic. Students experience the scientific method first hand as they conduct their own experiments as part of the science fair. She leads them through the entire process from hypothesis to conclusions. She does not "give" them ideas; rather, they discover them. Linda believes in challenging ALL of her students, including those with disabilities, to think, reason, and deduce.

In addition to being a highly skilled pedagogical expert, Linda is full of energy, humor and enthusiasm. Students look forward to her class each day to see what will happen next. She uses her sense of humor to make personal connections with her students and get to know them.