"Lauren is a true leader in our building"

Lauren Scotta, 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher, Fairview Park Local Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Fairview Park Local Schools in selecting Lauren Scotta as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Lauren Scotta is an outstanding educator who goes out of her way to create a nurturing, rigorous, 21st century learning environment. Her students excel in all academic areas as evidenced by student growth measures that qualify her as an accomplished teacher.

Lauren’s approach to teaching is child-centered and focuses on her students' strengths as well as ways to build upon their level of knowledge. She incorporates small group instruction and activities that meet their instructional level and creates unique opportunities for students to be successful and independent. 

Communication is another area of strength for Lauren. She maintains collaborative, open dialogue with parents and colleagues. She does this multiple ways, including phone calls, emails, blogs, weekly newsletters, and formal and informal meetings. She was one of our first teachers to incorporate student-led conferences with parents. 

Lauren continuously uses student data of various types and forms to aid in her lesson planning and differentiation. She seeks and responds to student feedback and encourages her students to track their progress and set goals for their learning. She employs both formative and summative assessments and uses this data to gain a keen understanding of her students' needs and guide her instruction to meet both their areas of strength and areas for growth.

Lauren is a true leader in our building and an integral part of our building leadership team. She is constantly seeking information and research on best practices and shares that knowledge willingly with colleagues. She is an inspiration to others and a true asset to Fairview Park City Schools.