"Keeley exemplifies best practices daily in her lessons"

Keeley Marstrell, 10th Grade English Language Arts Teacher, Indian Valley Local Schools

The following testimonial was shared by Indian Valley Local Schools in selecting Keeley Marstrell as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Keeley Marstrell has been a great asset to Indian Valley Local Schools for many years. She does a great job in the classroom with her teaching techniques and exemplifies best practices daily in her lessons. She collaborates with her fellow ELA team daily to assure they are vertically aligned with their curriculum and teaching techniques.

Keeley is also working with her team to create a common rubric for writing across subject areas. This will help those subjects provide meaningful writing experiences with a structured process. In the long run, it will enable students to become better writers and thinkers in all subject areas. This endeavor shows how Keeley is able to think across the board not just in an ELA box.