"Kay embodies the essence of what it means to be a teacher"

Kay Robinson, 5th Grade Math Teacher, Winton Woods City Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Winton Woods City Schools in selecting Kay Robinson as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator.

Kay Robinson is a natural teacher who does whatever it takes to ensure student success. She presents rigorous lessons in an enthusiastic and engaging manner. In a classroom of 25–27 fifth grade students of varying ability levels, Kay takes time and care in planning her instruction. She routinely uses formative assessment data to differentiate instruction to meet students' individual needs. As a result of her effective use of data in the classroom, Kay was selected as department head for math at Winton Woods Intermediate School.

Kay has built wonderful rapport with parents and students by communicating regularly about student successes and struggles. Numerous parents have expressed how fortunate they feel to have had a teacher like Kay teach their child. Likewise, students know that she cares about them and their academic success. 

Kay is part of Girls on the Run and Sprinters' Club, after school running programs for students. She attends PTA meetings and has worked closely with the local fire department to organize the Daddy Daughter Dance and Mom Prom. She also runs math study tables at the high school for student athletes. 

Kay embodies the essence of what it means to be a teacher.