"Justin bring chemistry to life for his students"

Justin Rayner, High School Chemistry, Franklin Local Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Franklin Local Schools in selecting Justin Rayner as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Justin Rayner is Philo High School's only Chemistry and Physics teacher. Although he does not have other teachers who teach the same subjects in our school to collaborate with, he seeks new and better ways to help students learn by taking college coursework and through independent study. Justin is working to become credentialed so we can offer college credit to students through dual enrollment.  

Justin brings chemistry to life for his students. He does an outstanding job of making the learning relevant and interesting to them. Before Justin came to Philo High School, the school’s chemistry value-added results were "approaching average."  Justin’s value-added has been consistently "most effective."  Like most teachers who are consistently rated "most effective," Justin is very efficient in his use of time with students. He always has his nose to the grindstone and his students are engaged in what they are doing.  

Justin is an outstanding teacher and a wonderful representative of Philo High School and Franklin Local School District.