The following testimonial was shared by East Muskingum Local Schools in selecting Jonathan Kelsey as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

As a building leader, parent, community, and district, Jonathan Kelsey is the person you would want teaching tomorrow's youth. Jon's passion for teaching is matched by very few people. His attention to detail as he prepares and executes a lesson is truly amazing. It is such a joy to enter into his classroom to just sit and watch him at work. He engages the students on a personal level and finds their strengths. 

Jon has the ability to help students see their weaknesses and then guide them to become better musicians. He works with the students as individuals, in small groups, and large groups.  Jon has a great balance of teacher-directed instruction and student-led instruction.  He has incorporated technology into his daily lesson and made learning fun for the students.  Jon commands excellence and sets very high expectations for his students, but does it in a nurturing way. 

Jon was a part of a group of educators in Ohio who were featured for their implementation of formative instructional practices in the classroom.  He is a part of our Building Leadership Team.  He serves on our OTES/SLO committee and has been a Technology Mentor for the building.  Jon is fully engaged in our community and a great role model for the students. 

Jon's heart and passion for music and our students is matched by very few educators.