“When walking into Jessica's classroom and interacting with her students, one can easily recognize the community she has meticulously established."

Jessica Mangum, 1st Grade Teacher, Granville Exempted Village School District

The following story was shared by Granville Exempted Village School District in selecting Jessican Mangum as a 2017 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator.

Jessica embodies what it means to be a true educator. When walking into her classroom and interacting with her students, one can easily recognize the community she has meticulously established. Students speak and interact and collaborate productively and respectfully. The students are also very supportive of each other’s needs, and they work to help each other reach success. 

Jessica uses specific analysis of her class data to identify the trends in their growth and meet them where they are. Using multiple instructional strategies and resources, Jessica is able to work with all students in her room regularly, especially focusing on establishing goals, scaffolding the student in reaching those goal, and then monitoring progress successfully. 

Despite her timid and quiet nature, Jessica’s classroom is often used as a model for other teachers to observe and collaborate. Novice to experienced teachers have visited Jessica's classroom and worked directly with her, and in doing so, have found success and growth in their own teaching practices. Jessica never shies away from an opportunity to advocate for what is best for her students, whether that is participating in committees or collaborating, or even sharing an unpopular opinion in a group setting. 

Recognizing her students' needs are paramount, Jessica continuously explores for opportunities to improve her practice. She has taken great strides to build intentional technology integration into her classroom. She has participated in our local instructional rounds process twice. She has led small groups during building book studies. Again, she has graciously accepted every offer I have made to use her classroom as one for teachers in the building and outside the building to observe and from which to learn. She has worked repeatedly with our instructional coach, intervention specialists, and our gifted intervention specialist to refine her instructional practice, specifically creating a collaborative environment built around a balanced literacy and numeracy framework. 

Nothing Jessica does in her classroom is without intention and a focus on her students social/emotional and academic growth. All of this is tangibly evidenced by her value-added data, which has consistently been high. Even working with a large cluster of high-achieving students, Jessica is able to garner tremendous growth in all of her students. 

Jessica is a true asset to our school and our community. She is the epitome of an education professional. She is without a doubt one of the most humble yet highly respected and successful educators with whom I have had the pleasure to work.