"Jennifer is a cornerstone of our staff"

Jennifer Stapleton, High School English Teacher, Sciotoville Community Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Sciotoville Community Schools in selecting Jennifer Stapleton as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Jennifer Stapleton has been a member of our staff since we became a community school 14 years ago. As a mentor teacher, she works closely with our new teachers to guide them in the first few years of their career. She was also a member of our leadership team that presented at the National High Schools That Work conferences for the last three years. 

In the classroom, Jennifer has a respectful relationship with her students. Her lessons are data driven and geared to meet the ability level of each group she teaches. Her students know she is very challenging, and she encourages higher-level thinking skills in her teaching.

Jennifer has participated in a writing project with Ohio University the past two years working to align the expectations of high school English teachers and college professors in English to better prepare high school seniors to be college ready. 

Jennifer is a cornerstone of our staff.  She is respected by all stakeholders in our community and school.