"Jason is a role model and mentor to his students"

Jason Shultz, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools

The following testimonial was shared by Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools in selecting Jason Shultz as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Jason Shultz is a professional learner, continuing to grow as an educator year after year. He has been assigned administrative duties during principal absences, handling parent concerns and student discipline, as well as upholding board policy when responding to situations. Jason has been charged with gaining ground in math education for students falling below a year's worth of growth. He has accepted this challenge willingly and worked with laser-like focus to ensure the highest quality math instruction for his students. Within two years, Jason has achieved above average growth in all subgroups of students.

Jason is an asset to his grade-level team and department as a result of his skill level in math instruction and intervention. He is knowledgeable about many best practices in math instruction, with a passion for student feedback, engagement, data-based instruction, and respect. Jason has shown an interest in understanding better ways to help his students grow in math understanding and as overall learners. This is evident in his continued course work as well as his participation in district professional development and team meetings.

The skills that make Jason a tremendous teacher will also serve him well as an administrator some day soon. He is a leader in his grade level and department and a role model and mentor to students within the classroom. He has a great relationship with colleagues, collaborating during teacher-based team time on a weekly basis to improve student instruction. Jason communicates effectively with parents, team members, students, and administrators. He is organized and plans well for instruction and intervention. Jason also works hard to give the best to his students, creating a warm, safe, and challenging classroom environment for learning.