“Heidi is always the first to help a student in need, in and out of the classroom.”

Heidi Grunenberg, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Kirtland Local Schools


The following story was shared by Kirtland Local Schools in selecting Heidi Grunenberg as a 2017 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator.

Heidi embodies so many attributes that foster and promote student and professional success in our building. She is always the first to help a student in need, in and out of the classroom, while working tirelessly on instructional strategies that will engage and promote growth with all learning abilities. 

Heidi leads many activities in the building that allow her to get to know students needs and abilities to better impact and serve each student throughout the year. She is involved in Nation History Day, multimedia club, and First Lego League coach. Heidi is also a technology leader, content literacy specialist, and member of the Building Leadership team—while balancing the 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. 

Heidi continues to be forward thinking by solving many different problems with her 8th grade team. She identifies the problem and has several solutions to that problem. She is one of our best teacher leaders in the building. She is an amazing resource for our students, staff, parents, and community. Our educational vision thrives because she is apart of it, and know that she is well respected by her peers. This short paragraph does not do justice for her positive impact on our culture.