The following testimonial was shared by Worthington City Schools in selecting Gretchen Wessel as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Gretchen Wessel allows students to utilize their unique talents. She works tirelessly to provide students with opportunities to learn, grow, and excel. As a K-6 music teacher, Gretchen uses music as her venue in order to make sure every student builds life-long positive memories. Under her guidance, students learn, mature, and thrive.

One of Gretchen's former students shared: "I had Ms. Wessel as my music teacher at Colonial Hills Elementary School from Kindergarden through my sixth grade year. However, I knew her ever since I was very little, because I have an older brother as well. Although I would not consider myself someone who is very musically inclined, some of my best memories from elementary school include being involved in choir, putting on musicals, the sixth grade lip sync, and folk group. Ms. Wessel is so much more than just a wonderful teacher. She is an amazing person all around. About five and a half years ago, my dad had a traumatic brain injury, and she was there with my family every step of the way. She is so selfless and cares so deeply about her current and former students that she always puts them and her family first. I admire Ms. Wessel so much that I chose her to hand me my diploma at my high school graduation in 2015. People asked me why I chose a former music teacher to hand me my diploma if I am not a very musical person. I answered by saying that she taught me so much more than just music. She taught me to be confident, determined, and strong. I am certainly just one of the people that she has impacted. I can guarantee that each and every day that she teaches, she is helping change other people's lives just like she changed mine."