“Gina is an advocate for students and an excellent role model for her fellow teachers.”

Gina Opdycke, 7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher, North Olmsted City Schools

The following story was shared by North Olmsted City Schools in selecting Gina Opdycke as a 2017 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Gina is an outstanding teacher. She is an advocate for students and an excellent role model for her fellow teachers. Gina has demonstrated exceptional leadership by giving voice to her students through administering a strengths-based assessment to help students identify their passion. She has leveraged this information to help students build confidence, identity, and achieve success in school and life.

Gina has implemented activities in her classroom that are designed specifically to help students develop their skills in the area of creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. She has worked with her principal to help develop and pilot a "Genius Hour" experience with her students this year. Gina has demonstrated teacher leadership through her active participation on various committees at the building and district level, along with coordinating the yearbook for the school. 

Gina is also a member of our leadership team that has begun to design and model 21st century instructional practices with other teachers. Gina Opdycke is worthy of receiving the 2017 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator Award.