"To walk into Cindy's class is to walk into all things right in education today"

Cindy Homan, 5th Grade Math and Science Teacher, Deer Park Community City Schools

The following testimonial was shared by Deer Park Community City Schools in selecting Cindy Homan as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Cindy Homan has been in the classroom for nearly 30 years.  Her ties to the community and school run deep. Cindy is a teacher that constantly challenges herself, never satisfied, always working to improve, with a focus on giving her students every possible chance to find success.  She continuously evaluates her practices and refines her techniques.  It's no wonder that Cindy creates a learning environment where all students feel welcome, challenged, and valued.  

Cindy’s student achievement and growth scores serve as a testament to her work.  Her dedication to her students and her profession are second to none.  Cindy has found a way to meet the current challenges of our field without losing focus on why we all got into education.  Cindy serves as a shining example for other educators in Deer Park and the state of Ohio.