"Cherree has exceptional rapport with her students and their families"

Cherree Mason, Euclid City Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Euclid City Schools in selecting Cherree Mason as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator.

Cherree Mason is focused on making sure that students are successful. She uses student data to drive her instruction, provides activities that engage students in learning, and incorporates research-based strategies that are successful with students. 

So many of Cherree’s students are one to two grade levels below where they should be. Nevertheless, she gently encourages students to work hard, stay focused, and use the strategies they have learned in class. Cherree has an exceptional rapport with her students and their families. Parents and grandparents often reach out to her for advice on how to ensure their child's success at home.

Cherree is collaborative with teachers at all grade levels. She is creative and provides games to enhance student learning. We count on her as a valuable resource in the district.