"Cassie is an all-star caliber educator"

Cassie Stevens, High School Spanish Teacher, Rolling Hills Local Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Rolling Hills Local Schools in selecting Cassie Stevens as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Cassie Stevens wears many hats. She is not only one of our Spanish instructors but also a valued member of our building and district.  

Cassie advocates active learning in her classroom with hands-on activities using high-level critical thinking skills. She creates an environment in her classroom where all students are challenged and supported at every level. Differentiation occurs on a daily basis with a growth mindset and high expectations. Cassie routinely builds strong relationships with students both in and outside the classroom to offer a collaborative educational experience. She has a knack for establishing positive relationships with all stakeholders. 

Cassie has taken on multiple leadership roles. She led the charge to develop our experience period, which gives students the opportunity to work on college and career readiness, reteach/reassess intervention, enrichment, and individualized instruction. During this time, students focus on the "soft skills" needed to enter and be successful both in the workplace and in higher education. Cassie also engages community members, universities, military, and the workforce to talk to our high school seniors regarding future opportunities. 

Cassie is a leader in her weekly professional learning community meetings, a valued member of the building leadership team, as well as a high school representative on the district leadership team. She has been part of the Resident Educator program as a mentor for many years, helping teachers through the obstacles of a new profession. Cassie is an all-star caliber educator worthy of the Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator Award.