"Bridget has an unvanquished determination to teach her students"

Bridget Brooks, Preschool Intervention Specialist, Barnesville Exempted Village Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Barnesville Exempted Village Schools in selecting Bridget Brooks as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Bridget Brooks is part of a group of preschool staff who has elevated the preschool program at Barnesville Exempted Village Schools to the state of Ohio’s Step Up to Quality 5-Star rating—the highest rating for a preschool program. 

Among many positive qualities, Bridget shows a tremendous commitment to the at-risk preschool students in her classroom. These children are the district’s most vulnerable student population. Often, these students aren’t able to communicate, comprehend, walk, and follow directions. Some exhibit aggressive behavior. Despite these challenges, Bridget welcomes, teaches, nurtures, and loves all her students. 

This unvanquished determination to teach her students is what makes Bridget Brooks a Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator.