"Amy has a record of positive impact on student learning"

Amy Smith, 5th Grade Math Teacher, Northwest Local Schools


The following testimonial was shared by Northwest Local Schools in selecting Amy Smith as a 2015 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Amy Smith has a record of positive impact on student learning as measured by her value-added scores over the past three years. She volunteers to organize and run an after school math club for students at Colerain Elementary. Her program has become an important resource in the community. She engages former students as tutors when they reach high school. She regularly gives up personal time to reteach and tutor students who demonstrate a need for additional support. 

Amy is a leader in the area of assessment literacy and use of data to inform instruction. She participates in regular teacher-based meetings with other math teachers in order to reflect on her practice. She regularly serves as a mentor to new teachers. Colerain Elementary and the Northwest Local School District are lucky to have Amy as a teacher.