The following testimonial was shared by Lancaster City Schools in selecting Allyson Strong as a 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator. 

Allyson Strong is a real difference maker at Lancaster High School. She is a true advocate for students and their learning. As an Intervention Specialist, she constantly strives to find ways to motivate our students to learn. Her interaction with kids is superb. Students can't wait for her guidance each and every day. 

Allyson is truly a "teacher leader" in our building in every sense of the word. She is our faculty representative on our District Leadership Team (DLT) and leads our Building Leadership Team (BLT). She is always out in front leading our "BLT" in building our yearly Data Guide. She also has been a colleague presenter at both district and building professional development programs. She has been a presenter at both our DLT and BLT groups when it comes to breaking down our school data. Mrs. Strong also has presented at the technology seminar "Techtoberfest.” This is the third year that Lancaster High School has been an exclusive one-to-one iPad school, and Mrs. Strong has been one of the major contributor's to our staff's progress with infusing technology with student learning. Mrs. Strong is also a leader in co-teaching, Formative Instructional Practices, and literacy strategies at Lancaster High School. She is also a teacher mentor with Ohio’s Resident Educator Program.

There is not a part of our academic fabric that Allyson is not involved with. Of all the things she strives to perfect with her teaching practices, the thing that is the most impressive is watching her work with kids. They cannot wait to see her each day. She is truly the most positive thing in many of our kids lives. Our kids gravitate towards her each chance they get. Mrs. Strong with her commitment and dedication is truly making a difference and is very deserving of being recognized as a Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator.